Zoning Systems

Zoning Systems are designed to allow you to control the air temperature in different parts of your home (regardless of the size) with different thermostats.

Looking at the picture above you can see that there are 4 different zones, each zone has its own thermostat which allows you to set the temperature differently. The best thing about zoning is it allows you to control the air temperature by each individual zone. So if you are not occupying a certain area all the time you can lower or raise the temperature depending on the season so that you are not conditioning that space when it is not being used.

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How will zoning make me more comfortable?

Zoning lets you choose the comfort temperature you want, where you want, when you want it. You might keep areas where you relax, such as the living room and family room, a bit warmer. But you might want bedrooms, a recreation room and your kitchen a bit cooler. With zoning, you can have it your way

Which types of homes benefit most from zoning?

Every home has at least two zones – the living area and the sleeping area. Both zones are seldom used at the same time. Ranch homes, ramblers, split-level and multi-story homes all need zoning. Many homeowners create personalized comfort zones for their family room, recreation room, guestroom, home office and kitchen.

Does zoning work with programmable thermostats?

Yes, zoning works particularly well with programmable thermostats. Most people choose to heat or cool only the occupied zones of their home to save energy. A programmable thermostat can also save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs. Finally, programmable thermostats offer “set it and forget it” convenience by automatically raising or lowering the temperature. Will I save energy with zoning? Yes. When used with programmable thermostats, which automatically adjust the comfort temperature in a zone, zoning can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs when compared with central, non-setback systems.

During parts of the year some areas of my home need heating, while others need air conditioning. Can zoning address that?

Yes, it can. The newest generation of zoning control panels can juggle the demands of one zone calling for cooling, while another calls for heating. Both pieces of equipment can not run at the same time, but new zone panels can automatically sort out these conflicting demands and run your heating or cooling equipment as needed to provide optimum comfort in all zones.

Zoning sounds attractive, but can my older home be zoned?

Yes, older homes can be zoned with simple modifications to the ductwork and some wiring for additional thermostats. Since many older homes may require significant ductwork modifications when replacing heating/cooling equipment, it is an ideal time to add zoning. Even if you’re not ready to replace equipment right now, True Temp can usually recommend an economical way to add zoning.