AC Repair Services

AC Repair

Summer months around Bucks County and the surrounding regions are characterized by the sweltering heat and humidity. The heat can be a danger to the elderly and very young alike. We understand the risks associated with heat exposure, and that is why Ivey Air provides air conditioning repair in Bucks County and the surrounding regions, both on a routine and emergency basis.

We understand that broken air conditioners are no laughing matter, especially for those with families to worry about. When we execute AC repairs in Bucks County, we act as if it were on our own homes. We deliver an exceptional customer service experience that lasts long after the sale, so if anything happens with your air conditioning after we’ve been there, we’ll be right back to correct the issue, guaranteed.

At Ivey Air, we offer our superior service on both new and old units. If a unit is beyond repair, we have the best removal, replacement and installation services for the entire air conditioning system. When we have to remove or service older units, we only use the safest methods of refrigerant disposal; technicians from Ivey Air give extra effort to keep dangerous CFC refrigerants out of the atmosphere.

Air Conditioning Services Throughout the Bucks County Area

We provide comprehensive air conditioning repair throughout Bucks County that encompasses every element of a property’s HVAC infrastructure. Our technicians are factory trained to professionally maintain and service condensers and evaporator coils, as well as all of the compressors, pumps and electrical workings that exist in between. This includes humidifiers, in-depth duct work and air cleaners. For clientele wishing to keep the cool in their homes this summer, we provide insulation and weatherization services as well.

Contact us at Ivey Air today for all of your needs in A/C repair throughout Bucks County and the surrounding regions. We offer both routine and emergency service in our efforts to be there for our clientele at any time of day, when they need it most. We service both commercial and residential properties alike, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Reach us by phone today at 215.695.4170 or by e-mail at to schedule an appointment.