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Edward Faulkner:
“Family friendly, hardworking and very efficient. My wife and I bought our very first home and everything seemed to be working out well, this was in the summer of course. Come winter and time to fire up the heater, keep in mind it worked prior to this, it wouldn’t fire up. We called the local heating guys over at Ivey Air and they came out right away. Again we have a 2 year old and she’s very curious, the technician did not get annoyed at all with her running around. In fact he would engage with her, I’ve dealt with a lot of technicians with buying a home and none of them acted like this in fact some seemed to get annoyed with all the commotion. With that being said the technician diagnosed the problem quickly and replaced the part on the spot and we had heat. Well for that night at least, next day heater wasn’t working and I thought we were going to be without heat for the next couple days. Nope! Ivey Air was right back that same day replaced another part and my heats been working fantastic ever since. And let me just say this, everything was very cost effective. I have definitely found my go to heating company and will NOT be using anybody else from here on out.”

Cathy Woods
“We were so grateful that even on Sunday evening we were able to get service by Jay Tarity, an excellent technician! rich piana He had a pleasant personality, not only was he able to get our condenser up and running again but he also inspected the rest of our air system, cleaned or filters for free and gave us great advice on quick fixes for future problems with our old unit.”

Edward Rogalski
“Ivey Air installed a new AC and Heater for us today! Tom and Frank were awesome; very professional and did a neat and incredible job. My wife and I love the unit and the new iComfort thermostat! Well worth the price!!”

Michael Kane
“I would recommend this company to everyone I know ! They’ll come out at any hour of the day, willing to be there and help fix the problem. Tom drove to our house on a emergency call very late in the evening and didn’t leave until the heat was back on. Can’t thank him enough!”

Matthew J. Lerlo
“Family owned business. Just like family they’ll take care of you. These guys have done commercial businesses for years, so doing residential is a breeze since they have the expertise in the industry. Check them out!”

Damien Colletti
“Ivey Air is fast and professional! They came over the day I called them, found the problem, and solved it! Felt great to have heat again!”

Kiya Jordan Page
“They’re the best! Honest, reliable, and treat you like a member of the family. What more can you ask for? Not to many companies out there that have those qualities anymore.”