Some Tips to Stay Cool for Less This Summer!

We understand that the heat during the summer isn’t just an outside problem. If you don’t take care of your property and your cooling systems, your outside problems quickly become inside ones. That’s why we’re offering these tips for your property this summer, because there’s a lot better things you can spend your money on this summer than extra, unnecessary cooling and air conditioning repairs. Don’t miss these tips—they could save you from unnecessary visits from repair men and bill collectors this summer.

Calibrate Your Thermostats

Over time, thermostats will lose their sharpness and begin to measure off a few degrees here and there. Many people think it’s not really a big issue if the thermostat is off-calibration by one or two degrees, but we strongly believe otherwise. Having your thermostat off by a few degrees can cause drastic changes in your energy bills and house cooling. Sometimes, if the calibration is too low, your system may not turn on at all, or it may wait until your home is a few degrees warmer, which means your system needs to work that much harder to keep your property cool. Now imagine this happening dozens of times every month, and you can see where the costs will add up. Not only that, the extra strain on your system may cause it to gas out before it should. All in all, keep your thermostats healthy and accurate, and save yourself some money.

Unblock Any and All Ventilation

Some people complain about ice building up on their cooling coils, or inconsistent heating and cooling throughout their house. Making sure your ventilation shafts and ducts are unblocked is a huge factor in these things. When you’re obstructing airflow in your property, it puts extra strain on the air conditioning system, taking away from its own airflow and cooling control. As the air flow is further obstructed, water that is condensing on the coils begins to freeze, and the ice that ends up forming can be destructive if not kept in check.

You should also think about your ducts and ventilation underneath the ventilation grates themselves. Debris can build up inside ducts in the form of dust, critters, cobwebs and more. It’s important to get your ducts and vents cleaned regularly. Dirty vents make your air conditioning smell dirty, add allergens and contaminants to your air and put extra strain on your air filtration systems. Take care of your vents and air ducts and they’ll take care of you.

Ensure Safe Runoff from Your AC Unit

A lot of AC units, especially older ones, have drip pans and areas that are known for leaking water. Find these spots and control the flow of water immediately. You probably already know the negative effects of water exposure to your property, so if you suspect that the main air conditioner unit is leaking, contact your Ivey Air HVAC specialist as soon as possible to prevent property damage.

Maintain Proper Use of Blinds and Curtains

The sun is hot; we know it, you know it. The heat of the sun doesn’t just stop outside. As sunlight travels into your property through the windows, it heats everything up, starting at the flooring and surrounding area and eventually radiating into the air around it. The best way to keep your house from heating up in these instances, is to find the spots in your property that are exposed to the most sunlight. Then, take those areas and equip them with nice dark, sun-blocking blinds and curtains. These curtains will pay for themselves over time when you consider the amount of light and heat they will be keeping out of your property every single day.

Have Your System Inspected at Least Once

At Ivey Air, we’ll gladly troubleshoot any system throughout Levittown, PA, and the surrounding regions. Having your system regularly inspected is the best way to keep yourself and everyone else in your property cool and comfortable this summer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll see what we can do to bring you to the new era of energy efficient heating and cooling. Don’t hesitate! Contact us today throughout Bucks County, PA, at 215.695.4170!

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