Reasons to Install an iComfort Thermostat

Along with everything else that the technological evolution has positively impacted, the overall functionality of thermostats has also become increasingly convenient and versatile. Although you might think that “a thermostat is just a thermostat,” the iComfort Thermostat provides an unsurpassed level of cutting-edge, customized support. Below, are five features of the innovative devices:

  1. The “Energy Mode” feature will help you save energy and money. By recognizing patterns associated with when you frequently leave and come back, these systems will regulate the temperature of your home, appropriately. iComfort Thermostats will also identify changes in your activity and make the necessary adjustments—all based on cellphone GPS communication.
  1. Conveniently regulating temperatures is possible by using the iComfort App on your smartphone, tablet or computers Whether you forgot to change the temperature before you and your family left for vacation, for example, or you simply want to change the setting of the next room while watching a game, the innovative system allows you to easily regulate the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world.
  1. The “Feels Like” feature enables the iComfort Thermostat to alter the temperature so that your home feels like the actual temperature that you set it at. By taking into account both the outdoor and indoor temperature, along with humidity levels, the system will regulate itself in such a way that it’s accurately heating or cooling your home based on your preferences.
  1. Notifications from your iComfort Thermostat will help to provide you with the information that you need to keep your unit functioning at an optimal level. By communicating with your Lennox system regularly, the innovative thermostat devices will implement reminders to have maintenance completed. It will even notify your preferred HVAC company when you need maintenance or AC repairs near Bucks County.
  1. Visually appealing screensavers with the iComfort Thermostats will eliminate the old, outdated appearance of your current model. Although they don’t have to blend in completely with your wall, it’s nice to know that it’ll be more pleasing to the eye than traditional thermostats.

Contact an HVAC contractor near Bucks County, like Ivey Air Inc., to move forward with having a top of the line iComfort Thermostat installed in your home today.

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