Consider Purchasing a New Central Air Unit

If you don’t currently own a central air system as the summer approaches—or are considering a new unit—you must consider the relieving benefits of contemporary cooling systems. Below, there’s crucial information regarding central air systems and available models:

Central Air Systems

Unlike ordinary air conditioning units commonly seen jammed in windows, central air systems are designed to transport chilled air throughout entire homes. Similar to how your heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout your whole body, central AC units are responsible for circulating cool air throughout your whole home. Similarly, while veins carry essential nutrients to important parts of your body, air ducts carry cool air to significant parts of your home.

This means that, in a sense, your central air system is like the heart of your home—at least during the warmer months of the year. The recycling of air that these systems involve helps to eliminate humidity, and also facilitate a more comfortable and constant temperature. A central air system will distribute chilled air throughout your entire home, which is much different than traditional air conditioning units that have an incredibly limited distributive capacity.

Choosing an Accommodating System

Central air systems are impressively convenient, quiet and energy efficient, which is why it’s imperative to consider investing in an accommodating system. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right system is determining whether or not a particular unit is compatible with your home or your current air ducts. Central air units are continuously advancing in technology, which means that air duct regulations and requirements continue to change, as well.

When you’re looking, it’s crucial to consider how each central air unit might impact the installation and renovation process. Fortunately—contemporary models are far more energy efficient than those of the past. Make certain that you look for the blue ENERGY STAR label when you’re exploring unit options, to ensure that you purchase an energy efficient central air unit. If your current unit is more than twelve-years-old and was to be replaced with an ENERGY STAR-certified model, it could remarkably decrease your cooling cost by close to thirty-percent.

If a central air system installation is beyond your budget, consider contacting experts specializing in HVAC services in Levittown, such as Ivey Air Inc., who perform comprehensive AC repairs in Bucks County and surrounding areas.

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